The Plaid Toungued Devils

  • February, 2016

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    “The Thinking Man's Party of the best violinists I've ever seen."
    Victor Bonderoff - The Vancouver Sun

    Klezma Mezma

    Released (2005) on the Monsteroma album which was a mixed bag of high fallutin’ World rockers, punk polkas, some heavy metal klezmer and a few live recordings.


    Released (2002) on the Belladonna album which is a thick soup of pop, rock and ska made with the salty base of gypsy and klezmer music with dashes of spanish and middle eastern influences.

    In Kleskavania

    Released (1999) In Klezskavania was the band’s first real foray into klezmer

Their music combines elements of Klezmer (Jewish), Roma (Gypsy), and middle eastern dance beats with rock, pop and ska. They are the world’s only klezmer ska band.

They have toured Canada, the U.S. and Europe countless times, headlined over 30 festivals worldwide, and numerous concert style shows. The Devils have written and performed live plays and muscled out countless “knock down, drag out, dance-on the-tables, hang-by-the-rafters” club shows.

Twenty years has produced 5 CD’s, 1 DVD which receive generous airplay, and an ever growing, dedicated fan base. Thousands of people, from age 12 to 80 have and love their albums.

“Known around the globe for their punk-rock bastardization of klezmer music, their sedated approach to ska, their belly-dancing cabaret mayhem and, most of all, their enthralling gypsy melodies,”

-Christine Leonard, FFWD, March 31,2005

Career Highlights


• Headliners for the 2010 Paralympics closing ceremonies

• Headliners at 07 Calgary Canada Day Celebration in front of over 20 thousand people.

• Headliners for the official 2007 Junos After Party.

• Their hit play In Klezskavania remounted in April 2005 to sold out shows (complete with ticket scalpers) and won the 2005 Dr. Betty Mitchell Award for Outstanding Composition.

• The Devils have completed 4 very successful European tours and in 2005 were invited by the Canadian Embassy in the Netherlands to represent Canada at a large 60th anniversary Liberation Day Festival and headline at Amsterdam’s famous Melkweg Club on Queen’s Day. During their 3rd Euro tour (2004) they did a 30 minute interview on CBC International Radio.

• On February 11, 2004, the PTD were featured as part of a question on the famous North American TV show, Jeopardy!

Follow the link and find out more about all the cool things the Devils have gotten up to their long carrer as a band. Raising hell and getting noticed all across Canada, the States and Europe for almost 20 years.

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